Archives of Past Work - sold

Breakthrough 12x16

4-Mile 8 x 15 sold

4-Mile 8x15

After the Storm 30 x 36 sold

After the Storm 30x36

Celadon Sunset 18 x 24 sold

Celadon Sunset 18x24

Eye of Fire 24 x 30 sold

Eye of Fire 24x30

Fort Cronkite 24 x 36 sold

Fort Cronkite 24x36

Hawaiian Sunset 24 x 24 sold

Hawaiian Sunset 24x24

Jade Twilight 24 x 30 sold

Jade Twilight 24x30

Little Sur River 18 x 24 sold

Little Sur River 18x24

Low Tide at Mussel Rock 26 x 36 sold

Low Tide at Mussel Rock 24x36

Pacifica Fog 24 x 30 sold

Pacifica Fog 24x30

Pacifica Sunset 12 x 16 sold

Pacifica Sunset 12x16

Princeton Moonscape 12 x 16 sold

Princeton Moonscape 12x16

River's_End 24x36 sold

River's End 24x36

Stillpoint 24 x 30 sold

Stillpoint 24x30

Sunset at Dillon Beach 15 x 30 sold

Sunset at Dillon Beach 15x30

Tranquil Silence 12 x 16 sold

Tranquil Silence 12x16

Veiled Image 24 x 30 sold

Veiled Image 24x30

White Rose III 24 x 30 sold

White Rose III 24x30

High Seas Oil sold

High Seas 24x30

Coastal Fog 8 x 12 sold

Coastal Fog 8x12

Summer Fog...sold

Summer Fog

Indigo Sunset

Indigo Sunset 36 x 36


Sunset Haze 8x12

Tunnels Beach, Kauai

Tunnels Beach, Kauai 18x24

Pt. Reyes Twilight III

Pt. Reyes Twilight III 24x36

Shelter Cove 24 x 36

Shelter Cove 24x36

Yellow Oil 24 x 30

Yellow 24x36

Gulls at Mussel Rock

Gulls at Mussel Rock

Indigo Twillight Oil 24 x 36

Indigo Twilight 24x36

Misty Cliffs

Misty Cliffs 14x20


Middle of Nowhere 18x18


Shades of Gray 30x40

Afterglow copy

Afterglow 8x15

Elements r

Elements 12 x 16

Jenner Sundown s

Jenner Sundown 10 x 12

Bodega Fog3 r

Bodega Fog 30 x 30